Basic Skin Care Tips for Girls

For teen girls, it is very easy to create a look that is natural and flawless, but it is very easy to spoil the makeup. Similarly, there are some skin problems that teenagers are fighting every day. Acne, wrinkles and other skin problems can wreak great damage.

To help improve day, we prepared some beauty tips that can effectively help in the fight against annoying acne and wrinkles.Basic Skin Care Tips for Girls

Self-esteem and confidence

There are several girls who are themselves not able to properly take care of themselves. In brief, self-esteem and confidence are very important in the creation of beautiful appearance. Of course everything is linked with your character!

Trust is something to warn the girl’s self-esteem and gives them the right dose of confidence. All this involves a willingness to use new aspects and abandon their ingrained (bad) habits. It is sometimes uncertain, but accepting their shortcomings is the key to true personal potential.

And now we move on to your beauty, what do you think?

Test your skin with a handkerchief

One of the most significant things you should know about skin care includes excellent knowledge of their skin, or more precisely its type. There are 5 fundamental skin types: sensitive skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin and dry skin. To find for your type do the easy use in morning using a handkerchief. After waking press the facial tissue over your face. Gently press in order to touch the tissue closest to the skin and using our indicators, search your type of skin as described below.

Skin type 1: Sensitive skin – On handkerchief, if there are no traces of oil, you most have sensitive type of skin. This type is a real challenge, because sometimes there may be tension, dryness and red spots on sensitive skin. Itching, inflammation and tension can lead to damage, which is not very pleasant.

How to pay attention to sensitive skin: Don’t peel the skin, because these coarse particles that can cause unnecessary redness. Instead give priority to a tonic gels with high benzoyl peroxide, AHA and BHA. Unfortunately, this may be a headache to find such cosmetics.

Skin type 2: Normal skin – If rubbing handkerchief on your skin would not leave any sebum, it means, your skin is loose and elastic. You’re lucky. This type of skin is the most ideal and is very easy to be careful of because you have blood circulation properly functioning. Sometimes you almost do not need to worry about it anymore, but believe that this type of skin deserves the care too!

How to take care of normal skin: The best thing you can do for it to clean it every day, preferably in morning and evening. Gentle cleansing gel or foam will ensure the balance of the skin and its permanent elasticity. If you prefer, you can use toner and of course do not forget to use the moisturizer daily.

Skin type 3: Oily skin – If your handkerchief stained with sebum, most likely you have the oily skin. The T-zones such as the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin often keep shining. This grease bothers many girls, because it causes the surface roughness of the skin, its glare and often annoying acne, which is hard to escape.

How to take care of oily skin: To make it flexible and wrinkle-free at a later age, use a cleaning cosmetics designed for oily skin. The search for such products will not be the slightest problem, because they can be found in drugstores easily. One or two times a week, treat your skin with peeling cream that degrease all dead cells. The biggest mistake you could make is to wash your face with classic soap!

Skin type 4: Combined (mixed) skin – If you have spots only on the forehead and nose, then you have a mixed skin type. It is a skin belongs between oily and dry. Every area of your skin requires a different kind of care.

How to take care of mixed skin: Dry places are usually the face and eye area, which until the 30 years of age, do not need any special attention. But more oily areas of face require daily cleaning and once a week you have to make peeling (use cosmetics designed for the oily skin).

Skin type 5: Dry skin – Most girls suffering from dry skin make the handkerchief completely dry, taut and fluffy. The dry skin is very problematic because in later life, it is more prone to wrinkles as compared with combination and oily skin.

How to take care of dry skin: To prevent the premature formation of wrinkles, you should include a good moisturizer in routine care that contains hypoallergenic components. Use warm water to wash and fresh the skin, never use warm water, because it could irritate the skin unnecessarily. Especially in the winter, your skin should get a quality moisturizer that protects it from cracking and severe frost.

Simplify the procedure Day Care

The skincare procedure before you go to sleep is very important. You should not forget to clean the skin. If you insist on the simplest procedure, use a good night cream.

Use products with multiple effects at once

Sometimes it is easier to kill several birds with one stone. In the case of skin care, products you can test to treat your skin in multiple directions. An example of such a product is tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, which also acts as an anti-aging complexion and sun screen.

Get healthy skin without cosmetics

If you do not want to apply too much product on your skin, you can adopt skin health care through proper diet and adequate hydration. Therefore, you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day and take foods that have anti-inflammatory effects and contain antioxidants. Suitable foods with a low glycemic index are salads, red and green vegetables and foods with omega-3 fatty acids are salmon, avocado, olive oil and blueberry. Remember that your skin reflects everything that is going on inside your body.

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